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The Weakness of Pride and the Power of Praise
July 26, 2008 09:06 AM PDT
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In this Podcast I talk about how we need to give all the Glory and praise to GOD. We should not let our pride interfere with our relationship with GOD or what GOD wants to do in our lives. Praise GOD that he is in total control and we can have peace and rest in his presence. To GOD be all the Glory, Honor, Praise and Power. Thanks for listening, Jesse Jay

Grace Through Faith part: B
July 20, 2008 10:53 AM PDT
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This cast is an addition to the previous podcast explaining the abundance of Gods Grace and Mercy on mankind in order that by Faith we may obtain salvation. We must understand that the Grace God has given to us is as a gift because of his unlimited, unconditional love and mercy for us. He gave his only begotten son so that we should not have to perish but to have eternal life with him. It is still a choice of free will that we have to make, to accept his way of salvation and invitation into his eternal kingdom or to be condemned forever in separation from him in torment. I pray that the holy spirit will uncalus the hearts of many to accept the sacrifice that Christ made in our place and become an heir to this wonderful unexplainable gift of Love. You are all in my prayers and God bless all of you!

Grace through Faith
July 05, 2008 08:05 AM PDT
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In this message I talk about the powerful awesome grace that GOD has given us, and how by our faith in that grace we are saved. I want to show how awesome GODS Grace is so that we may celebrate and give Glory to GOD for his salvation through his son, JESUS. I try to show that it is not our goodness that earns or keeps our salvation, but the Grace of GOD that gives us our eternal inheritance. When we see fully the Grace of GOD it reaps a desire to serve him more fully. In addition, when we realize the salvation that was given us by his Grace through faith, we then have the inner peace and joy knowing that we will be declared worthy through Christ. He is our substitute for the wrath of GOD that our sins deserve, let us give glory to GOD.

The 6th Seal and the 7th Trumpet?
June 21, 2008 11:21 AM PDT
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In this message I talk about the 7 seals and where I think in accordance with the Word of GOD, that we may be. I am purely putting an idea out there that everyone can meditate on. There is no way that there is any guarantee of what the answer is to the topic. We can only pray and study the Word to Truth and rely on the enabling of the Holy Spirit. GOD himself with prayer and study unveils his Word to HIS children as he sees fit. In addition, I am talking about the 7 trumpets and how it ties in to the rapture. This is a very interesting study as well as an extensive one. I am open to any feedback and insight from you guys, I just love to be strengthened by breaking bread with fellow believers in Christ. I love you guys and you are in my prayers, I hope you get a blessing from the message. I give all the glory and honor to our GOD and Lord Jesus. Jesse Jay

Sowing GODLY Seed
June 13, 2008 12:58 PM PDT
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This podcast talks about distinguishing between true doctrine and false doctrine. I also discuss the difference between what the word of God says in comparison to some televangilist, and how we need to be disciples and spread the truth to expose the unGodly doctrine. I want people to find for themselves true eternal riches in Gods word and I hope this podcast reveals some of it...